Helping families save ON, not just FOR the cost of college!

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A new service from Collegiate Funding Solutions for financial services professionals!

college education for sale Today, a family can easily exceed $250,000 in college costs - for 1 child*!

There are two different prices for a college education - one for the informed buyer and one for the uninformed.

What price will your clients pay?

Families with college-bound children should be able to expect more than just simplistic, one-size-fits-all savings strategies from their financial advisor.

Saving for college costs is important, but there is more to college planning than just savings strategies.

*Source: College Board 2014 data analyzed by Collegiate Funding Solutions, Inc. Includes tuition, fees, room and board.

With EZ College Planning, your clients can expect more than just simplistic college savings strategies and you can deliver more!

A recent Gallup Survey found that 73% of parents with children under the age of 18 worry about college funding more than any other financial matter.

Despite this sobering fact, no area of financial planning education or planning tools have lagged more behind the needs of consumers over the last twenty years than college planning.

The vast majority of financial advisors still treat college planning as essentially a savings issue with very little to offer - if anything - beyond savings strategies. Today, parents with college-bound children want their advisor to help them save ON and not just FOR the cost of college.That is exactly what EZ College Planning equips financial advisors to do.

EZ College Planning is a simple-to-use and cost effective capability - beyond what is available in ANY financial planning software (e-Money, Money Guide Pro, Money Tree, Naviplan, Profiles, etc.) - to help you deliver much more college-planning value to families with college-bound children and more benefits for your business..

Watch the short video and review the sample report and see for yourself how easy and how much MORE value EZ College Planning equips you to deliver your clients with college-bound children and the benefits for your business.

Watch EZ College Planning Video sample reportReview EZ College Planning Report

EZ College Planning is a MUST-HAVE for financial services professionals because retirement planning and college planning must go hand-in-hand to meet the needs of families with college-bound-children.

Benefits of EZ College Planning:

  1. Amplify your financial planning capability with CFS' highly-acclaimed college-planning expertise for the benefit of your clients and your business
  2. Share actionable information with your clients that can help them save ON, not just for the cost of college and improve their retirement savings outlook in the process!
  3. Identify back-end product sales opportunities using the EZ College Planning report
  4. Keep assets under your management that might otherwise be needed to cover college costs
  5. Grow your business with enhanced capability
  6. Differentiate yourself from other advisors
  7. Deepen the relationship with your clients
  8. Pricing of ONLY $25/month for a solo twelve-month license makes EZ College Planning a great value
  9. CFS-provided marketing material to help you communicate your differentated value to clients and prospects
  10. Access to CFS' educational videos covering a variety of topics to expand your knowledge and help you grow your business

To get started:

  1. Complete the payment and licensing information
  2. You'll receive an email with instructions for accessing your account
  3. Use the CFS-provided marketing material to help you promote your new capability and generated customized college planning reports for your clients
  4. That's all there is to it!
Expand Your Capability. Expand Your Opportunities. Expand Your Income.

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$25/month $25/month

For multiple auhorized users
2 users $24/month $48/month
3 users $23/month $69/month
4 users $23/month $92/month
5 users $23/month $115/month
6 users $22/month $132/month
7 users $22/month $154/month
8 users $22/month $176/month
9 users $22/month $198/month
10 users $22/month $220/month
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