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To fullfill our mission of helping you help your clients save ON and not just FOR the cost of a college education and so that you can be the one-stop-shop for college planning services, CFS offers a premier college admissions and financial aid service. Contact CFS for details on pricing of these additional service offerings available to your clients through your collaboration with CFS.

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The college list is the most important factor in college affordability. Parents can do all the right things: plan financially, implement strategies to increase aid eligibility and correctly fill out the financial aid forms. Students can get good grades, join clubs, volunteer, take test prep courses and write amazing essays. As important as all these items are, they are secondary to the single most important factor in paying the least amount of money possible and still getting a great education for your child: STARTING with the RIGHT list of candidate schools!

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Many parents applying for financial aid find the process intimidating, confusing and complicated. There is much more applying for scholarships and grants than completing a single form. Each college and university has their own financial aid policies and requirements; ranging from the way eligibility is calculated to the number of forms required – sometimes as many as six for an individual school! Multiply that by the number of schools you’ll be applying to and you get a sense for the paperwork quagmire!


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