Help families save ON, not just FOR college costs, improve their retirement savings outlook & increase insurance and annuity sales!

With four year college costs ranging between $100,000 for public university and $320,000 for a private college it's no wonder that, according to a Gallup Survey, 73% of parents with children under the age of 18 worry about college funding more than any other financial matter! With absurdly high and ever-increasing college costs and average graduation rates of almost six years per child, parents - irrespective of their income - desperately need advice from financial services professionals that can help them save ON and not just FOR the cost of college!

With EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionals, you can meet this rapidly-growing need amoung parents with college-bound children and grow your business and revenue in the process. If you can't help these families, who will? Another insurance professional?

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EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionls is based on CFS' very-popular EZ College Planning capability, and complements it in ways to help insurance professionals increase insurance and annuity sales.

Whether your market is business owners, middle-America, high net worth, EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionals is going to help you convert more prospects to clients AND increase insurance and annuity sales opportunities.

From independent insurance professionals to IMOs with thousands of agents, EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionals will help you grow your business and revenue!

Features EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionals
Help parents with college-bound children save ON and not just for college costs with EZ College Planning software.
Training videos to help you convert prospects to clients and increase insurance and annuity sales based on EZ College Planning report results. Every EZ College Planning report yields back-end sales opportunities!
Free marketing resources and web-pages to help you market your college-planning services and and convert prospect to clients
Sales and marketing training - live and recorded
Access to subject-matter experts to answer your college-planning questions and help you with your client cases!
Annual Subscription Fee: $499
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Benefits of EZ College Planning for Insurance Professionals:

  •  Acquire for new clients

  •  Deliver new value to exising clients and deepen relationships

  •  Convert a higher percentage of prospects to clients

  •  Receive more referrals

  •  Generate more leads

  •  Increase Insurance and annuity sales

  •  Differentiate your business from other professionals with a college-planning niche

  •  Increase efficiency by incorporting college planning/funding as part of client solutions
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