The Amazing College-Planning Widget

What is it?
A simple API widget (few lines of html code that appears as a button on a web-page) that can be placed:

What does it do?
It helps you capture leads, prospect for new clients. open new doors, build new relationships, develop trust and promote your distinctive college-planning capability in order to grow your business and revenue.

How does it work?
Prospect completes a short fact-finder, submits it and their customized FREE college-planning report is emailed to them including the compelling reasons why they should contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss their report results. The prospect can only generate a limited number of reports (you set the limit). You also receive an email with their contact information and their report!

Here are just some ways your business can benefit from the widget:

  • Made available as a FREE FINANCIAL LITERACY TOOL to any organization that is affiliated with parents of college-bound children (schools, libraries, credit unions, community banks, sports organizations, etc.). Complement with educational work shops using a CFS-provided presentation
  • Promote it to your clients and prospects with college-bound children and encourage them to schedule a meeting with you to discuss college planning. Yields opportunities to engage the client/prospect concerning the related financial issues of college and retirement planning and how you can help them with both!
  • As part of an free employee benefit offering in the work place. Fits hand in glove with financial wellness offering for employers. Do you manage employer retirement plans? Do any employees have college-bound children? The widget is a an ideal value-added complement
  • As part of a social media advertising campaign to generate very-targeted email leads
  • Use it to grow your email list, newsletter subscribers and prospect database
 Learn how one advisor has used the college-planning widget to achieve remarkable success growing his business and revenue.

The widget can be used in countless ways to open new doors, build relationships, engender trust, stimulate new business and generate new revenue. The opportunities abound and are only limited by your imagination and initiative! Think of all the applications for the widget in your community and your business!

  "I have had a ton of success using the college-planning widget to build relationships and trust with our education community!" C.H. - Shoemaker Financial

Widget Type Setup Fee Monthly cost License Example
Standard Widget – Added to your site $299 $40 month-to-month Download license Click here
CFS Branded site with widget $299 $60 month-to-month Download license Click here

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