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PREMIUM Positions college planning as a strategic part of their service offerings. Supports a robust and versatile marketing and business development strategy.

In addition to access to CFS' flagship STANDARD college-planning software, includes a branded college-planning website. The branded college planning site explains how you help families save ON and not just for college costs. Includes a variety of compelling client attraction resources and calls to action.

  See example of an advisor's branded college-planning website

A very cost-effective option either as a stand-alone college-planning website and/or integrated into an existing advisor site to highlight this value-added service offering.

Premium subscription is a great value for advisors that want comprehensive college-planning capability and a visually stunning college-planning website to communicate their differentiated service offerings.

This option is ideally suited for advisors that do educational seminars/workshops to grow their business.
STANDARD The right choice for financial advisors that do financial planning and want to provide comprehensive college-planning services as an integral and unique component of their overall financial planning services.

A must-have for advisors that want to generate fee-based college planning revenue as well as identify other revenue generating opportunities with the client. Equips you to deliver unsurpassed college financial planning solutions that help clients save ON, not just for the high cost of a college education and improve their retirement savings outlook.

 After listening in on an advisor spotlight webinar I saw the value that CFS could bring to our firm and ultimately our clients. I presented information about the software to my advisors, and they both saw the value also, and gave me the go ahead to subscribe to CFS. We actually had a fee-based planning client we were meeting with very soon who was a perfect client for the software, and so we dove right into using the software the day after we gained access to it. Given the urgency of the current case, we didn’t even take advantage of the training available from CFS before running our first CFS case. The software is very user friendly and fairly easy to use and we had no troubles with it. One of my advisors met with the clients about a week after we first ran the CFS software and presented the plan ($2,500 fee), of which the CFS software and output was key in determining our recommendations to them in regards to education planning. The clients were very satisfied and are going to implement our suggestions. I highly recommend CFS to finacial advisors, especially those who frequently work with clients with an education planning need. Ronald L. Frey Jr., CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®

 Learn the key ingredients to the secret sauce of CFS' college-planning software that make it the right choice for financial advisors that want to generate fees for advice and grow their business and revenue in the process.

 Watch overview of standard software.

 Download highlights of standard software.
EZ COLLEGE PLANNING EZ College Planning is CFS' intro level college-planning capability for financial services professionals. 

EZ College Planning fills the void in ALL financial planning software, which address college planning as a savings issue, with very little to offer beyond that.

EZ College Planning focuses on the essential actionable information you and your clients must know in order for them to save ON and not just for the cost of college. It yields deeper engagement opportunities with the client and spotlights back-end revenue generating opportunities.

You'll be amazed at how much more value you can deliver to families with college-bound children for so little effort on your part, at such little cost and with so many benefits for your business!

 Watch overview of EZ College Planning

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Subscription Options & Features

Features Premium Standard EZ College Planning
Access to CFS' EZ College Planning software via password protected dashboard
Access to CFS' Standard college-planning software via password protected dashboard

FINRA reviewed and approved for use by numerous B/Ds, making it easy for you to add enhanced college-planning services to your business
Access to CFS' hands-on college admissions and financial aid services for your clients.
Access into CFS' educational video library. Recordings on a variety of marketing, college planning, financial aid and admissions topics
Fully editable college-planning reports
FREE marketing resources to help you market your college-planning services and attract new clients
Time saving and secure online data collection form for clients and prospects. Example
Access to CFS subject-matter experts to answer your college-planning questions and help you with your client cases!
Branded college-planning website. Example
College Ed Xpress e-Newsletter for prospects and clients. Stay connected with clients and prospects monthly! Can be added separately Can be added separately
Twelve-month subscription fee: $995 annually $599 annually $299 annually
One-time setup fee $250  
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  • Does CFS offer a free-trial of the software?

    EZ College Planning has a free trial version while the standard software does not and here’s why:

    The two pillars of our standard software are:

    • CFS’ exclusive knowledgebase of college planning strategies
    • Hands-on support with client cases via our subject matter experts

    Collegiate Funding Solutions' college planning and funding knowledge base includes over 200 actionable, practical and FINRA-reviewed strategies. The college-planning report generated for a client will include the relevant college-planning and funding strategies, from the knowledge base, based on the facts of the case.  These strategies, along with the information, analysis, customized examples, etc., in the report are what equip you to advise the client as to a best course of action, to help them make better-informed college planning and funding decisions, save on college costs and their improve retirement savings outlook. No other college-planning software has a knowledge base like CFS. Our standard software is unique for this and a number of other reasons.

    This is why we don’t provide free access into our knowledgebase (secret sauce) developed over the last 20 years. Here is a recording of a deep dive into this software and its unique qualities and benefits.

    In addition to the college-planning reports advisors have access to our subject matter experts who will help them as needed with client cases. This support can be very helpful to advisors, especially with their first couple actual cases, to ensure a good outcome for the client and peace of mind for the advisor.

    For these two reasons: access to our proprietary knowledge base and access to subject-matter experts there is no free trial version of the standard software

    EZ College Planning does have a free trial version. Unlike our standard software, the EZ College Planning report does not include college-planning strategies, nor does it require subject-matter expert support to achieve its purpose.

    All EZ College Planning reports look the same, just the results vary based on the facts of the case. If you are interested in a free trial of EZ College Planning, contact CFS and we’ll set you up as an authorized user of the free trial version. A recently recently recorded client case review using EZ College Planning highlights all the CFS-exclusive value in the EZ College Planning report that differentiates from other college-planning software and makes it more valuable to the client and yields more engagement opportunities for the advisor. Here is the recorded test case review.

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