Click on the sections below for details about CFS' Premium, Standard and EZ College Planning Subscriptions

  •  Premium Subscription - For advisors that want to position college planning as a strategic service offering

    For advisors that want to position college planning as a strategic service offering. Supports a robust and versatile marketing and business development strategy.

    In addition to access to CFS' flagship college-planning software, includes a branded college-planning website. The branded college planning site explains how you help families save ON and not just for college costs. Includes a variety of compelling client attraction resources and calls to action.

      See example of an advisor's branded college-planning website

    A very cost-effective option either as a stand-alone college-planning website and/or integrated into an existing advisor site to highlight this value-added service offering.

    The premium subscription is an amazing value for financial services professionals who want comprehensive college-planning capability/support (via CFS' flagship college-planning software) and a first class website, loaded with client attraction magnets and compelling calls to action.

    If you don't have a first class website that promotes your unique service offering, how are you going to establish credibility, explain and promote your service offering and acquire new clients? The premium subscription helps you accomplish all of these at a fraction of the cost of other options, like hiring a firm to design/build a comparable site. And what about messaging?

  •  Standard Subscription - CFS' flagship software. For advisors that want to help clients, save ON, not just FOR college costs, avoid crushing student loan debt and improve their retirement savings outlook

    The right choice for financial advisors that do financial planning and want to provide comprehensive college-planning services as an integral and unique component of their overall financial planning services.

    A must-have for advisors that want to generate fee-based college planning revenue as well as identify other revenue generating opportunities with the client. Equips you to deliver unsurpassed college financial planning solutions that help clients save ON, not just for the high cost of a college education and improve their retirement savings outlook and avoid suffocating student loan debt.

    Whether your client makes $80K of $800K and whether their child is 8 months of 18 years old, our flagship software and subject matter experts equip you to deliver far more college-planning value than you likely could otherwise. Better for your clients, better for your business!

     After listening in on an advisor spotlight webinar I saw the value that CFS could bring to our firm and ultimately our clients. I presented information about the software to my advisors, and they both saw the value also, and gave me the go ahead to subscribe to CFS. We actually had a fee-based planning client we were meeting with very soon who was a perfect client for the software, and so we dove right into using the software the day after we gained access to it. Given the urgency of the current case, we didn’t even take advantage of the training available from CFS before running our first CFS case. The software is very user friendly and fairly easy to use and we had no troubles with it. One of my advisors met with the clients about a week after we first ran the CFS software and presented the plan ($2,500 fee), of which the CFS software and output was key in determining our recommendations to them in regards to education planning. The clients were very satisfied and are going to implement our suggestions. I highly recommend CFS to finacial advisors, especially those who frequently work with clients with an education planning need. Ronald L. Frey Jr., CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®

     Learn the key ingredients to the secret sauce of CFS' flagship college-planning software that make it the right choice for financial advisors that want to generate fees for advice and grow their business and revenue in the process.

     Download highlights of standard software.

  •  EZ College Planning Subscription - For advisors that want to fill the college-planning void by offering more than just college savings recommendations to clients

    EZ College Planning is CFS' intro level college-planning capability for financial services professionals and fills the void in ALL financial-planning software, which address college planning as a savings issue, with very little to offer beyond that.

    Focuses on the essential actionable information you and your clients must know in order for them to save ON and not just for the cost of college. It yields deeper engagement opportunities with the client and spotlights back-end revenue generating opportunities.

    Ideally suited as an enterprise level value-added service targeted particularly to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers with college-bound children.

    Integrated with the financial planning software MoneyGuide, so you can generate EZ College Planning reports for clients stored in MoneyGuide with little additional effort! This is a significant value-add for MoneyGuide users as it greatly extends the capability of MoneyGuide for clients with college-bound children.

    You'll be amazed at how much more value you can deliver to families with college-bound children for so little effort on your part, at such little cost and with so many benefits for your business!

     Watch overview of EZ College Planning

     Download highlights of EZ College Planning.

 Subscription Options & Features To Help Clients Save ON and Not Just For College Costs

Features Premium Standard
CFS' Flagship Offering
EZ College Planning
Access to CFS's signature college-planning software. Download highlights

Branded (white label) college-planning website and client attraction tools. Example
Access to EZ College Planning. Download highlights
Easy access to subject-matter experts via phone/email (no need to scour a discussion board seaching for answers to your questions!) to answer your college-planning questions and help you with your client cases! No additional fees for this white-glove service from CFS!
Scholarship Estimator Report - Every parent wants free money for college! Show clients - especially high income earners - the likelihood that their student will receive scholarship money from selected schools and the amount! See the value you'll deliver in this client-side flyer.
Schools at a Glance - Where will your clients get the best college deal? Show clients what their net cost (not sticker price) will be at their selected colleges & show them schools where they'd likely receive the most in financial aid or scholarships based on a selected degree program (like "engineering"). Springboard to deeper engagement and revenue-generating opportunities with the client. See the value you'll deliver in this client-side flyer.
College Search and Query Tool - The simple-to-use tool yields vitally important information that can help clients make better-informed college selection and planning decisions that may substantially reduce their out-of-pocket college costs, avoid student loan debt and improve their retirement savings outlook!
FINRA reviewed and approved for use by numerous B/Ds, making it easy for you to add enhanced college-planning services to your business
Access into CFS' educational video library. Recordings on a variety of marketing, college planning, financial aid and admissions topics
FREE marketing resources to help you market your college-planning services and attract new clients. Includes prospecting web-pages! Example
College Ed Xpress e-Newsletter for prospects and clients. Stay connected with clients and prospects monthly and covert prospects to college-planning clients over time!! Can be added separately Can be added separately
Time saving and secure online data collection form for clients and prospects. Example
Annual subscription fee: $1,395 $799 $499
Select Plan Select Plan Select Plan

 Subscription Add-Ons

Building on the software subscription you select, you can further expand your capability and marketing resources with these add-ons from CFS. Build a college-planning service that is just right for your NEEDS, GOALS and BUDGET!

Click on the subscription options below to see the associated add-ons


  • Premium
  • Standard
  • EZ College Planning

Cash Flow Model

This add-on is an Excel spreadsheet. Show clients how to increase cash flow, pay for college AND increase retirement account contributions during the college years. Simply complete the input form and the spreadsheet generates the the results using multiple scenarios.

Download Form

Scholarship Finder

School-based merit scholarship finder and lead generator (widget). If you choose the Premium subscription option, you can select this add-on in the subscription agreement.The scholarship finder widget can also be added to your website! 

Download Form

"College Planning 101" Educational PowerPoint Presentation

A professionally designed and field tested PPT presentation to help you effectively market your college planning capability and services. This presentation is ideally suited for a comprehensive educational seminar/webinar for parents of college-bound high school students. Includes a sample seminar invite.

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Marketing Program Targeted to Grandparents

A turn-key marketing program targeted to grandparents of college-bound children who will play a role in college funding. SILVER BULLET is a turn-key marketing program, targeted to your clients/prospects that are grandparents and who will help fund their grandchildren's college education. College planning is an effective and practical way to develop and maintain familial relationships and CFS will equip you with the means with SILVER BULLET.

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Marketing Program Targeted to Parents

A turn-key marketing program targeted to parents of college-bound children. Ideally suited for webinars and lunch-and-learn seminars in the workplace. It is ideally suited for webinars or for use in workplace (as part of employee benefits program). A thirty minute presentation. All you'll need to do is schedule it, promote it - with the help of CFS-provided promotional copy - and deliver it with the help of the CFS-provided script.

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College Ed Xpress Newsletter

To help market, promote and grow your college-planning services you need to consistently and effectively connect with prospects and deliver engaging, relevant, unique and well-written content. One of the "arrows in your quiver" should be the College Ed Xpress parent e-newsletter, written each month by the CFS team. Not only will your subscribers love it but it will drive new business for you.

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College Planning Widget

It helps you capture leads, prospect for new clients. open new doors, build new relationships, develop trust and promote your distinctive college-planning capability in order to grow your business and revenue. Acquire new clients at a fraction of the cost of other options!

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