Easy-To-Use College-Planning Software for Financial Advisors

Parents want to provide for their children's college education. They want happy, successful children, but they're feeling the squeeze of paying for college while keeping retirement planning on track.

The rapid change in the college funding landscape over the last 20 years has necessitated a new college planning paradigm for financial advisors. Today consumers want and need more than just college savings strategies from their advisor. They want their advisor to help them identify ways to reduce their out-of-pocket college costs - without compromising their retirement savings goals.

Financial advisors today who have the specialized capability to provide college savings plans AND college cost reduction strategies have a tremendous opportunity. They are positioned to differentiate themselves from other advisors, deepen the client relationship, generate more revenue and identify other opportunities with the client.

Collegiate Funding Solutions' college-planning software enables you to quickly and efficiently identify and assess strategies for helping your clients save ON, not just for college costs. These school-specific college funding and college cost saving strategies are customized to your client's finances and college funding timeframe. It would take the average advisor years of research to accumulate all the expertise and actionable information in Collegiate Funding Solutions' school-specific college-planning software. Save your clients out-of-pocket college costs, look like a hero, grow your business and get more referrals from happy clients!

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Benefits of Affiliating With Collegiate Funding Solutions

  • Capability. Starting with CFS' signature college-planning software, complemented by CFS' hands-on college admissions and financial aid services and supported by CFS' legitimate subject-matter experts, when you partner with CFS you can become a premier one-stop-shop for college planning services
  • Differentiation. Most financial advisors still treat college-planning as exclusively a savings issue - with little to offer beyond that. With CFS you'll be able to help families save ON, not just for college costs. That's a message that resonates with ALL parents with college-bound children, irrespective of their financial situation.
  • Value. Defined as what you get for what you pay. With CFS, you can choose a level of college-planning capabilty and cost that meets your needs and budget! Visit the licensing page for options, features, fees and to get started!
  • Increased revenue. New capability means new revenue-generating opportunities for your business through fees for service, back-end sales and other new opportunities with the client.
  • Turn-key marketing tools and educational material to help you effectively market your college-planning capability and convert prospects to clients. Visit the Campus Store to learn more.
  • Access to subject-matter experts. With CFS' standard and premium license option, you'll have easy access to subject-matter experts to answer your college planning questions - with no additional fees
  • Saves you time, money and effort helping your clients with college planning. Equipped with web-based software and with access to subject matter experts to help you with client cases, you'll become a "virtual expert" saving you time, money and effort!

Expand Your Capability. Expand Your Opportunities. Expand Your Income.

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