Easy-To-Use College-Planning Software for Financial Advisors

Parents want to provide for their children's college education. They want happy, successful children, but they're feeling the squeeze of paying for college while keeping retirement planning on track.

The rapid change in the college funding landscape over the last 20 years has necessitated a new college planning paradigm for financial advisors. Today consumers want and need more than just college savings strategies from their advisor. They want their advisor to help them identify ways to reduce their out-of-pocket college costs - without compromising their retirement savings goals.

Financial advisors today who have the specialized capability to provide college savings plans AND college cost reduction strategies have a tremendous opportunity. They are positioned to differentiate themselves from other advisors, deepen the client relationship, generate more revenue and identify other opportunities with the client.

Collegiate Funding Solutions' college-planning software enables you to quickly and efficiently identify and assess strategies for helping your clients save ON, not just for college costs. These school-specific college funding and college cost saving strategies are customized to your client's finances and college funding timeframe. It would take the average advisor years of research to accumulate all the expertise and actionable information in Collegiate Funding Solutions' school-specific college-planning software. Save your clients out-of-pocket college costs, look like a hero, grow your business and get more referrals from happy clients!

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 An indispensable piece of the value-added services puzzle

  • Broaden the range and value of college-planning advice that you can provide. Starting with CFS' signature college-planning software, complemented by CFS' hands-on college admissions and financial aid services and supported by CFS' subject-matter experts, when you partner with CFS you become a premier and comprehensive college-planning service provider.

  • Differentiate your business from other advisors. Most financial advisors still treat college-planning as exclusively a savings issue - with little to offer beyond that. With CFS you'll help families save ON, not just for college costs. That message resonates with ALL parents with college-bound children, irrespective of their financial situation.

  • Address an immediate financial concern. For Gen-X parents with college-bound children, paying for college is the most immediate and urgent financial concern.

  • New revenue-generating opportunities will emerge from your enhanced capability. Increase your planning fees!

  • Frequent and deeper engagement opportunites with the client. College planing is not a one-time service but an ongoing planning process between you and your client - from the time they engage you through the college years.

  • Simple to use and easy to integrate into your business and processes. You can get started today and begin helping clients immediately.

  • Compelling ROI. Deliver more value, to more clients, at nominal cost, using less human resources, all while maintaining a personal touch.

Process for helping clients save ON and not just for college costs and growing your business

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Sample College-Planning Reports For Review

  • I’m just completing a fee-based plan focused solely/only on college planning for a long-time client.

    I charged them $1,200 to do the plan which more than pays for a year subscription for your service and the client said it surpassed all of their expectations.

    Talk about a powerful conversation!

    John Klich - Wealth Management Advisor
  • If you're considering college funding as part of your RIA services and you want a real differentiator you must use Collegiate Funding Solutions.

    CFS has allowed our RIA to discover the huge demand from families who are eager to solve the college financial puzzle. It has opened new business opportunities to generate new clients and help current families who need guidance with the complexities of paying for college.

    The ability to have all the turn key marketing, website, and reports is invaluable. It would be incredibly difficult or near impossible to offer college funding without CFS. We highly recommend CFS for any independent RIA.

    Shawn Oesterreicher - STATS Investments LLC
  • I've provided college planning services and seminars for 10 years now and I've never had a quality college-planning website until affiliating with Collegiate Funding Solutions. The site really gives the look of a big company with lots of resources and ways to help clients. The capability and services provided by CFS gives me a solid platform of talking points at my seminars and during my one-on-one appointments. This has resulted in selling fee-based college planning services and also products I provide like securities, annuities, life insurance, mortgages and tax. Without a doubt, marketing college planning services has been the best marketing system I've ever used and now your premium branded website and services give me that pieces I've been missing.

    Mike Raitt, CPA
  • I have been utilizing the CFS resources in my practice for several years. For those advisors who put in the hours it requires to be be truly educated on the college funding process your branded college-planning website, newsletter and - most importantly - the college-planning software have been very valuable tools.

    Scott Kessler - CFP®
  • This is just a quick note to let you know we find the responsiveness and knowledge provided by Collegiate Funding Solutions to be outstanding. It is rare these days to work with an organization that picks up the phone as often as CFS does, or calls back as quickly. Their information is always spot on, and in the rare case the person I call doesn’t have the answer, they get right back to us.

    CFS is a very important resource to us and I thought you might appreciate the feedback.

    Lisa Lettieri, MBA CLTC
  • I have had great insight into the true cost of college using CFS' software and highly recommend it to any advisor helping clients with this huge expense.

    The program is extremely easy to use. You input some financials about the family, the students GPA & SAT score, and the schools of interest. The report gives you college cost reduction strategies. Spending less on college means more of the clients money can be left growing for retirement.

    I can go on but best to go to their site and see their sample plan. Hope this is helpful!

    Jim Shagawat, CFP®
  • After 10 years of college planning, I can honestly say Collegiate Funding Solutions continues to lead the pack in terms of innovative solutions, great marketing materials and a client-focused approach that makes my life as a college planner so much easier! Bravo!

    Beth Walker - College Funding Coaches
  • "Thank you or your always timely, excellent and generous support. CFS reports give us confidence that we are truly serving our clients and offering them more than just 'put x dollars a year into your 529.' There is no way that we could keep up with this broad, complex subject on our own."

    "CFS is constantly adding refinements that improve your service. I really like your new report formats. Your new Plus Strategy offers an innovative option that could be of value to a significant group of parents - it offers them the option of putting off the decision to fund their children's education until they determine if they can get ahead enough in retirement savings to afford to do so."

    Barry Korb CFP®, MBA - A NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor

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